For the 2020 fair and exhibition season, MDARD will continue its policy of distributing official swine ID NUES tags to fairs, free of charge, for use with exhibition swine. Swine tags can still be ordered over the phone or through email; however, we encourage fairs to place their orders by December 16, 2019. Fairs that have ordered their tags can pick them up on January 9-10 in the MDARD Resource Center at the annual MAFE convention in Grand Rapids.

To order tags, please email or call in the following information to Ms. Tina Moreno at 517-284-5683 or

Please include the following information:

  •          Fair name
  •          Fair address
  •          Estimated number of NUES tags needed for 2020
  •          Number of NUES tags leftover from previous years (amount of tags left on hand only)
  •          National premises ID number
  •          County
  •          Name, phone and email address of the person assuming the responsibility for tracking NUES tag recipients
  •          Complete mailing address (street address, city and zip code) for mailing tags, if necessary
  •          Name, phone and email of person placing the order

As a reminder, you are no longer required to return the MDARD spreadsheet, however, you must have a system in place to track the animal tag back to an exhibitor and their address. This information must be kept by the fair or exhibition for five years. MDARD staff will do spot checks during fair season 2020, so you must be able to provide an exhibitor name and address for a specific tag if requested.

Thank you to all the fairs and exhibitions for putting on great events this upcoming year.

Please contact MDARD at 800-292-3939 with any questions.

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