The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has created a map to show the current coverage areas for fairs/exhibitions by Animal Industry Division (AID) field veterinarians, see this link:

Last year, MDARD field veterinarians were able to visit 45 county fairs.  This year MDARD has intentions of trying to make it to at least 60 county fairs.

MDARD AID field veterinarians will try to be available to help with any concerns or questions you might have regarding the requirements and your fair’s responsibility to meet these requirements.  If you so wish, please invite our veterinarian assigned to your county to attend one of your board and/or superintendent meetings this spring prior to your fair.  It would be a great opportunity for them to meet you and for you to meet them.  Also, it would be a good time to have your livestock, small animal and poultry superintendents and your local fair veterinarian(s) to meet them as well.  Then, in case of a disease issue during your fair this summer, you would know the AID field veterinarian coming to your fairgrounds, can forego the formalities and work to resolve your issue. You’re welcome to contact them directly using their cell phone number listed on the map.  You can also contact the AID field staff supervisor and county fair contact point person, Dr. Jarold Goodrich at 517-284-5677 (W) or 517-243-2935 (C).