On June 1, 2015, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) issued a statement cancelling all poultry shows and exhibitions held in Michigan as a precaution against the spread of avian influenza.

This decision affects all poultry shows at county and regional fairs. This includes, but is not limited to shows, exhibitions, swap meets, petting zoos at fairs, game bird and waterfowl fair displays, and Miracle of Life/Miracle of Birth (hatching and live) exhibits.
Poultry is defied as: Chickens, Pheasants, Turkeys, Game birds (such as quail, doves and pigeons), Water fowl (such as ducks, swans and geese) Guinea fowl, Peafowl (peacocks) and Exotics such as emus and ostriches. The State Veterinarian has recommended that no birds of any kind be allowed on fairgrounds which would include Psittacines (cockatiels, cockatoos, parrots etc).
For the full release from MDARD click here.
A few resources available to fairs include:
  • Poultry show FAQs are on the MSU web at msue.msu.edu/poultryshows and poultry show alternative ideas can be found here
  • Additional Avian Influenza information (including how to identify a sick bird, AI facts and much more) can be found here www.michigan.gov/aviandiseases
  • MDARD has developed a Q and A on Avian Influenza to help with common questions fairs may have about the disease that can be found here
  • IAFE will have two FREE cyber seminars on June 4. These are open to IAFE members and non-members. Information can be found here.
Please contact Lisa Reiff at 517.317.4544 if you have any questions or need further resources