2016 Heritage Award Winners

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Every fair has those volunteers that for many years have been a huge part of the success of their fair.  The MAFE board awards the Heritage Award to honor our state’s outstanding long term volunteers. Fairs couldn’t last without volunteers and the special people that do it year after year need a special award to say thank you.

2016 Hall of Fame Winners

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In its second year the MAFE Hall of Fame Award winners were announced at the 131st annual convention. This program is  designed to recognize the service rendered to fairs, festivals and our industry by individual who have devoted their time and talents for no less than 20 years. Recognition of this award took place during the general session at the MAFE Convention.

Inductees included Fair Officials both current and present, Associates who […]

Volunteer of the Year Winners

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The Michigan Association of Fairs & Exhibitions recognizes that volunteers are the lifeblood of Fairs.  The annual Volunteer of the Year recognition program is designed to showcase the contributions made by volunteers throughout Michigan.  Volunteers represent close to $8.6 million annually in time, talents and in-kind contributions to Fairs.

The 2015 winners are:

Volunteer Thelen
(Left to Right) Cinda Karlik, MDARD; Steve Thelen, MAFE President; Overall Volunteer […]

2016 Convention Evaluation form

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Thank you to all that attended the 2015 MAFE convention. We had a great year with a lot of networking, learning and fun.

In order to continue to improve the convention we need your thoughts. Please fill out the below evaluation form and submit via mail, email or fax by January 25, 2015.

Convention Evaluation Form (PDF version)

Convention Evaluation Form (word version)

Thank you for your thoughts and […]

Poultry Show ban lifted

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Michigan Poultry Exhibition and Swap Meet Ban Lifted

For immediate release: December 23, 2015

Media contact: Jennifer Holton, 517-284-5724
LANSING – Today, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development lifted the statewide ban on poultry exhibitions. MDARD implemented the ban as a precautionary measure in June 2015 in response to the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza outbreak happening across the U.S.
MDARD evaluated the disease risk and current national status and decided it’s appropriate to lift the […]

Poultry Auction Resources

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If your fair plans to auction poultry, it is important to understand the right steps to ensure food safety standards. Not all processors in the state of Michigan are certified for the sale of processed poultry products and not all fairs apply for a food establishment license (which is required to sell a bird that has already been processed).

Determine which of the three categories your fair falls into and review the steps that need to […]

Poultry Show Cancellation Information

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On June 1, 2015, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) issued a statement cancelling all poultry shows and exhibitions held in Michigan as a precaution against the spread of avian influenza.

This decision affects all poultry shows at county and regional fairs. This includes, but is not limited to shows, exhibitions, swap meets, petting zoos at fairs, game bird and waterfowl fair displays, and Miracle of Life/Miracle of Birth (hatching and live) […]

MDARD’s State Veterinarian Stops Bird Movement to Protect Health of Michigan Poultry

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MDARD’s State Veterinarian Stops Bird Movement to Protect Health of Michigan Poultry
 Due to the potential for highly pathogenic avian influenza, 2015 poultry exhibitions are canceled throughout the state 

Lansing – Today, after much deliberation and consideration with the Michigan Association for Fairs and Exhibitions (MAFE), Michigan 4-H leadership and the Michigan Allied Poultry Industry, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s State Veterinarian Dr. James Averill made the difficult decision to cancel all […]

Field Veterinarians Field Map

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The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has created a map to show the current coverage areas for fairs/exhibitions by Animal Industry Division (AID) field veterinarians, see this link:

Last year, MDARD field veterinarians were able to visit 45 county fairs.  This year MDARD has intentions of trying to make it to at least 60 county fairs.

MDARD AID field veterinarians will try to […]

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